Dog Auto Harnesses

Dog Auto Harnesses

More and more people are traveling with their pets!  Whether it is around the corner or across the country you can keep your pets safe.  Bergan has worked hard to create not only a durable harness but one that is comfortable for active pets as well.  Travel harnesses minimize driving distractions and protects you and your pet.  

Bergan Dog Auto Harnesses are built to meet the following V9DT durability requirements.*



Pet Weight

Minimum Durability


10-25 lbs.

800 lbs. of force


25-50 lbs.

1,500 lbs. of force


50-80 lbs.

2,500 lbs. of force


80-150 lbs.

4,400 lbs. of force

*all components are pull tested to meet the force pound requirements above. 

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